Kelden Lin

Full-Stack Software Engineer II

Tech – #React, #ReactNative, #NodeJS, #Express, #MongoDB, #MySQL, #Redux

Kelden Lin

Front-end – #Developer & #Designer, #iOSDev

Tech – #React, #NodeJS, #Swift, #SQL, #Firebase, #Jekyll, #Gatsby


January 14


Front-end Developer (Web App)

Find and discover anime character voice actors with the world’s smartest and most intuitive anime voice actor database yet.

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September 29


Software Developer Engineer

HuskyMaps is a small and simple interactive pathfinding application that encompasses the Greate Seattle Area. My role was building the data structures and algorithms from the ground up.

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May 18


iOS Developer (Mobile App)

Umbra is the re-imagination of how simple, yet dark and seamless a to-do list can be on iOS. The app simply melts into your phone’s bezels.

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May 2

UW Night Market App

iOS Developer (Mobile App)

UW Night Market attracts 9,000 people annually from Washington, but without the proper tools for the customer, it makes it hard for them to know what they’re getting into. The mobile app I developed for the club aims to solve that issue.

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March 27


iOS Developer (Mobile App)

Treat is a to-do list app for procrastinators – it accumulate points for every task completed that can be redeemed as rewards called treats.

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January 10


UI Designer / UX Researcher (Product Concept)

SeeCC recreates how deaf people “hear” others around them. Taking advantage of the up-and-coming AR technological boom, I researched and created SeeCC – See Closed Captions (via AR devices).

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September 7


Front-end Developer (Web App)

Kommunicate takes English words, translates it to Japanese and reads aloud the translated Japanese… IN MY VOICE!

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March 16

Dark Mode Chrome Extension

Front-End Developer (Chrome Extension)

This is a Chrome Extension that can be easily added to any Chrome Browser and turns all your webpages in Chrome into dark mode with a click of a button.

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March 17

Risen Esports

Brand Designer (Online Amateur eSports League)

Risen Esports is an amateur esports organization that strives to bring competitive League of Legends to all skill levels. It was originally founded by Travis Guyer, who developed a passion for competitive gaming and esports by participating in his schools LoL(League of Legends) club, Ascension Esports, and HouseParty5v5.

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February 21

You Snooze You Lose

iOS Developer (Mobile App)

A perfect iPhone alarm app for those who can’t wake up. Every time the alarm rings, you need to finish a captcha to stop it. If you snooze, though, the phone randomly pays one of your friends money, encouraging you to actually wake up when the alarm sounds off.

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December 10


UI Designer / UX Researcher (Product Concept)

We, the designers and developers of MABuddy, understand it is not easy for individuals with allergies to eat out. Through our solution, we strive to provide an easy, and seamless method for individuals with allergies to find places to comfortably eat at.

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October 17


Front-end Developer

OutfitIt is a web-based application that curates a trendy outfit according to the current weather. It allows you to import your wardrobe and picks styles that match your closet. This app will help you keep in style while dressing for the weather.

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October 13

Uber Tic-Tac

Front-end Developer (Web Game)

Uber Tic-Tac is a two player game. Unlike regular tic tac toe though, there are THREE 3x3 boards, which can be unlocked under different circumstances.

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July 26


Developer (Web App)

myGIF is an online GIF (pronounced JIF) saving service. You can not only collect your memes in our memespace and access it easily but also check out which memes you use the most often!

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March 14

Baby Soother

UI Designer / UX Researcher (Product Concept)

Baby Soother is a concept of a smart home device that could not only notify parents when their kids are crying, but also sooth the kids at the same time.

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October 23

Web Tools

Front-end Developer (Web App)

Web Tools is a web tool website resulting from a collection of multiple useful tools that can be used on the desktop, laptop, or mobile smartphone.

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July 6

Ice Tavern

Brand Designer (Startup Company)

Ice Tavern combines the two delicacies in ice cream and alcohol to create new delicious ice cream flavors such as White Russian, Piña Colada, Mojito, and Radler Sorbet. I designed the logo, ice cream cups as well as business cards for the company.

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March 13

Online Sketchpad

Developer (Processing.JS Web App)

A sketchpad that anybody can use with just a browser. By learning p5.js, I was able to bring my Processing sketches online, including this sketchpad.

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October 21

Game of Life

Developer (JS App)

“The ‘Game of Life’ is a zero-player game, meaning that its evolution is determined by its initial state. One interacts with the Game of Life by creating an initial configuration and observing how it evolves.”

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