Front-end Developer (Web App)

September 7, 2018

What is Kommunicate?

Kommunicate takes English words, translates it to Japanese and reads aloud the translated Japanese… IN MY VOICE!

What? Why?

Same. I thought about it one day and realized that due to the nature of the Japanese language, there must be only a certain amount of sounds in the language…right? I was technically right, and my sister-in-law helped me with my pronounciation.

An Issue….

One of the biggest issues I’ve ran into this project is being able to deploy this project properly. (I worked on this project well over a year ago but have come back every now and then to try to solve the problem).

I’m still struggling getting it to work, BUT you can serve it on your own local machine if you really want to.

*Note: You need an API key to deploy it yourself, it’s free and can be obtained here (Google Cloud).




I’m honored that you want to try out a translator with my name… I’ll try to make this as simple as possible!

  1. Install or clone this Git repository onto your local machine

  2. cd into the directory that contains this repo

  3. Run npm install in the directory

  4. Create a new file called config.js and populated as following:
     var config = {

    (You’re going to have to have a Google Cloud Translator API Key for this)

  5. Now run npm run serve and go on the server address it’s served on after firing up a browser!

Please leave your questions or feedback below! What do you think about Kommunicate?