iOS Developer (Mobile App)

May 18, 2019

What is Umbra?

Umbra is the re-imagination of how simple, yet dark and seamless a to-do list can be on iOS. The app simply melts into your phone’s bezels.

How Umbra all began

Building Flow (another to-do list) back in 2015 was a valuable experience, but it resulted in a quite complex app. Finally picking up Swift properly, I devoted myself to building the most beautiful and dark to-do list that I imagined. Dark mode has been the craze as of late, and I wanted to make that happen in iOS as well.

Update: iOS 13 now supports dark mode, so I look to work on adding that functionality to the app!

Notable Features

Umbra brings the darkest mode to iOS, making many UI components pure black in order conserve the most battery possible while making it seamlessly flow to the edges of the screen.

Unlike the complexity of the many to-do lists, Umbra has one simple list with a new task being one tap away.

Creating a new task
Creating a new task is seamless, and beautifully dark

I started learning Swift from scratch around January, and started developing Umbra in late February.


App in review

Please leave your questions or feedback below! What do you think about Umbra?