Developer (Web App)

July 26, 2016

What is myGIF?

myGIF is an online GIF (pronounced JIF) saving service. You can not only collect your memes in our memespace and access it easily but also check out which memes you use the most often!

Where it all started

As a millennial living in the age of the internet and social media, I constantly come across memes and gifs that I find funny and relatable that I end up saving to my phone or laptop, so my camera roll and laptop are, inevitably, filled with tons of gifs and memes that I can’t keep track of. Then, when I wanted to share a gif or meme with my friends, I’d encounter the problem of scrolling through countless images to find the single meme I had a slight recollection of from a month ago. Therefore, I decided to make a centralized place where someone can easily store their memes, view what memes they already had, and see which memes they use the most.

Website / Product

Check out the product here!

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