Software Developer Engineer

September 29, 2019

What is HuskyMaps?

HuskyMaps is a small and simple interactive pathfinding application that encompasses the Greate Seattle Area. My role was building the data structures and algorithms from the ground up.

How HuskyMaps all began

As part of completing the CSE 373 Data Structures & Algorithms course at University of Washington, we were required to implement a pathfinding application. We tackled this project step by step, first building a binary search for the autocomplete one week, building a heap on another that will eventually implement the priority queue for A* search.

Notable Features

Look around the map by using your cursor to click and drag. To find locations that you’re interested in navigating to, search the name and click on the dropdown option. It will pin every locaiton it finds that matches the name (lots of Starbucks).

To get the shortest path (using a* search) on the map, double click for the start point (could be on a pin if you want), and double click again for the end point.

Unlike the complexity of the many to-do lists, Umbra has one simple list with a new task being one tap away.

How it was built

Implementing an a* search with the approach I was brainstorming requires a couple moving parts, including implementations of Priority Queue and KdTrees. Throughout the 10-week course, I built an implementation of Heaps – used in Priority Queues. Once an optimized


Note: It’s hosted on a free Heroku dyno, so it might not connect on the first try! Wait and refresh it.

Check it out online

Please leave your questions or feedback below! What do you think about Umbra?