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March 27, 2019

What is Treat?

Treat is a to-do list app for procrastinators – it accumulate points for every task completed that can be redeemed as rewards called treats.

How Treat all began

With our hectic schedules, to-do list apps have become increasingly popular to keep track of everything we have to do; from simple things such as doing our laundry to important presentations at work, our lives are filled with many things that we have to do in our day-to-day lives.

Where many to-do list apps fall short for those who love to procrastinate is when they simply make a list, but not give much incentive to do those things. Thus, when my group consisting of chronic procrastinators were put together for our iOS programming class, we knew almost immediately what to make for our final project. We wanted to make a to-do list app that not only organizes what we need to do, but also gives us an incentive to do those things.

How it works

Treat is different from other to-do list apps in that it lets you reward yourself for the tasks you do. Every task that is added can be set to a difficulty level, and the harder the difficulty level, the more points you get when that task is completed. You also add rewards that can be “redeemed” using the points you accumulated from finishing tasks to treat yourself!

In the end of the day, while it is still self-motivated work, Treat creates a system that provides the tools for you as the procrastinator to utilize and enhance your workflow.

Notable Features

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App in review

Please leave your questions or feedback below! What do you think about Treat?