Web Tools

Front-end Developer (Web App)

October 23, 2015

What is Web Tools?

Web Tools is a web tool website resulting from a collection of multiple useful tools that can be used on the desktop, laptop, or mobile smartphone.

Where it all started

There are many simple apps that someone might need and use often that can be accessed from both the web and mobile, so I decided to create a centralized place where someone can access them all. The current tools on the site is a combination of tools I personally would like to use or just ones I thought were fun to play with!

Check out Web Tools here!

Apps on Web Tools

SleepTime (App #1)

SleepTime calculates when you should go to sleep to get the fullest, highest quality sleep. Studies have shown that sleep cycles last around 3 hours, which means that waking up in the middle of deep sleep might cause you to wake up more groggy.

SleepTime calculates the right time for you to go to sleep based on when you’re trying to get up, as well as accounting for how long it takes an average person to fall asleep.

PinYin Generator (App #2)

When reading Chinese may not be your strongest suit, or you just simply forgot how to read certain words (I know I have), PinYin generator can help you convert Chinese characters to PinYin (你好 -> nǐ hǎo) to help you read the characters you can’t!

Name Generator (App #3)

Can’t think of a name for you next novel? Just need some sort of name? Generate a random name with this tool!

Compliment Me! (App #4)

When you’re having a rough day, sometimes you just need a compliment… even a robotic one! Compliment me will generate a compliment for those who aren’t having the best day exactly.



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